Essential Questions To Ask Your Generator Hire Provider

When you’re planning an event, or perhaps have an upcoming project that requires reliable and continuous power, it becomes important to ensure you’ve chosen the right generator hire provider. As you navigate through this process, here are some questions to keep in mind.

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What is the Appropriate Generator Size for my Needs?

Generators come in various sizes and capacities, each designed for different applications. Understanding your power requirements – for instance, the combined wattage of all appliances or equipment to be powered – will help determine the right generator size for you. Asking your provider to calculate the total load requirement can ensure an optimal power supply without overloading the system.

What Type of Fuel does the Generator Use and How Efficient is it?

Generators predominantly use diesel, petrol, gas or even hybrid systems. Each fuel type has its pros and cons, impacting factors like fuel efficiency, running costs and environmental considerations. Knowing the fuel type can help you anticipate and plan for fuel storage and handling. Moreover, a generator’s fuel efficiency – measured in litres per hour under full load – can influence operational costs.

How is Regular Maintenance and Servicing Handled?

Maintenance plays a vital role in a generator’s performance and lifespan. Regular servicing, including oil changes, filter replacements and inspections, can ensure a generator runs smoothly and reliably. Ask your provider about their maintenance regimen and any records of past servicing for the generator you plan to hire.

Does the Provider offer Comprehensive Delivery, Installation and Pick-Up Services?

Hiring a generator involves more than just the unit itself. There’s transportation, installation and eventual pick-up to consider. Some providers offer a full-service approach, handling all these steps for you. This can remove the burden of logistical planning and ensure professional setup and disassembly.

What Support is Available in Case of Equipment Failure or Breakdown?

Unforeseen breakdowns can cause significant disruptions. It’s important that your provider offers comprehensive support, possibly with a service line or on-site technicians. Understand their protocol for emergencies, including response times and any backup solutions they may provide.

What Safety Measures and Protocols are in Place?

Operating a generator involves safety risks like fuel handling, exhaust fumes and electrical hazards. Ensure your provider adheres to stringent safety guidelines and provides adequate instructions or training for safe generator operation. Features like automatic shut-off mechanisms in case of overload, proper grounding systems and protective casings can enhance safety.

Can the Provider Cater to Unique or Specific Requirements?

Whether it’s ultra-quiet generators for filming, synchronised units for a large-scale event or generators with specific power outputs for sensitive equipment, bespoke solutions can be essential. A provider that offers customised options can cater to your unique power needs more effectively.

What is the Provider's Track Record in the Industry?

Understanding a provider’s history and reputation can give you an insight into their reliability, service quality and customer satisfaction. Length of service, customer testimonials or case studies can indicate their industry standing.

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