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Light Up the Night

For long-haul projects that last well into the night in Gladstone, you can count on Chaffey Power for all your light tower hire needs. Our mine-certified light towers are perfect for a range of commercial, council and industrial applications—ranging from 7,500W to 9,000W. All our towers are completely portable with adjustable hydraulic legs so you can place the lights exactly where you need them.

Sometimes you just simply don’t have the time to get your lighting project set up. That’s why we offer a comprehensive delivery, installation and pick-up service for all our light tower hire services. So no matter where you are in Gladstone—from Tannum Sands to Agnes Water—we’ve got you covered. Call Chaffey Power on (07) 4959 5736 to get your light tower hire project underway. Let us help make your next project shine!

Light Towers for Every Project

Gladstone is an industrial powerhouse with various key industries relying on light towers for their day-to-day operations. Common applications include:

  • Roadworks: Light towers can illuminate areas during roadworks and other outdoor activities that require extended periods of lighting at night.
  • Special events: Sporting and cultural events often need high-level lighting to ensure safety and visibility. Light towers are perfect for outdoor venues, providing a wide area of coverage.
  • Construction sites: Light towers are essential for construction sites, ensuring workers can continue work after dark.
  • Mining & oil drilling works (in remote areas): Light towers are invaluable in remote areas, providing a bright and consistent source of light that can be used for mining and oil drilling works.
  • Nighttime electrical work: Electricians rely on light towers to provide visibility and illumination during nighttime electrical works.
  • Airports: Airport runways and taxiways require reliable, consistent lighting to ensure pilots can land safely.

Reach out to Chaffey Power for all your light tower hire needs in Gladstone. With our extensive range of equipment and professional team, you can rest assured we will help you find the most suitable solution for your needs.

Affordable Lighting Equipment For Construction — Equipment Hire in Gladstone, QLD
Durable Lighting Equipment For Construction — Equipment Hire in Gladstone, QLD

Models Available for Hire

V20 Hyper Lighting Tower
The V20 Hyper Lighting Tower provides over 140 hours of lighting for your worksites through its four powerful floodlights and low sound pressure levels. This model is equipped with Hyper® LED Technology for 360° illumination plus anti-glare functions.

CUBE Hyper Light Tower
The CUBE Hyper Light Tower is the ideal solution for nighttime construction and industrial sites in Gladstone. Its anti-glare floodlights and Hyper® LED Technology provide 360° illumination with maximum efficiency.

Alternate Lighting Tower
The Prolight Tower is the perfect solution whether you’re on a construction site or organising an event. These portable towers feature hydraulic lift operation and platform stabilisers, meaning they can be installed in just minutes. With its large fuel tank, you’ll have plenty of light all night long, creating a safe and secure environment for your workers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most light towers run off standard power sources such as mains electricity and gas generators. Depending on the model of light tower you rent, you may need to provide your own power source. In this case, make sure to check with the rental company in advance so you can be sure to have the necessary power source ready before your event.

The size you need will depend on the type of event and the area you’re lighting. Your rental company should be able to recommend the best-size light tower for your needs, but you can also do a bit of research on your own. Generally speaking, the more powerful the light tower, the wider area it can illuminate. It’s always better to err on the side of caution and go for a slightly bigger light tower than you think you need. That way, you can be sure your event will be well-lit.

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