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Mine-Certified Light Towers

If you didn’t eat all your carrots as a kid, you’re in luck! Chaffey Power provides reliable light tower hire for commercial, industrial and council clients across Rockhampton and surrounding areas. Our mine-certified light towers are available in power ranges from 7,500W to 9,000W, so you can find the perfect solution for your project. On top of that, all our towers are fitted with built-in generators and adjustable hydraulic legs for easy placement and movement.

Our light towers are available to hire 24/7 to suit your schedule. And best of all, we provide a comprehensive delivery, installation and pick-up service. So, why wait? Contact Chaffey Power on (07) 4959 5736 today to get your lighting project started! We serve mining and construction sites, event venues and many other businesses across Rockhampton—from Gracemere’s pastoralists to the farmers of Marlborough.

Suitable for Every Industry

A hub for agriculture, tourism and industry, Rockhampton has no shortage of projects that require light towers. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Roadworks: Roads constantly undergo repair and maintenance, meaning light towers are needed for illumination during nighttime safety checks.
  • Special events: Whether it’s a festival or sports event, light towers help ensure the event runs smoothly and safely.
  • Construction sites: Our light towers are often seen on construction sites providing the essential lighting needed to work at night.
  • Mining & oil drilling works: Our light towers are ideal for mining and oil drilling works in remote areas where the lack of natural lighting makes it difficult to complete the task at hand.
  • Nighttime electrical work: From replacing post-boxes to fixing streetlights, electrical workers often need light towers to do their job at night.
  • Airports: Airports around Rockhampton rely on light towers to direct and guide aircraft during nighttime landings.

Chaffey Power is your first choice for light tower hire in Rockhampton. Our top-of-the-line machines are reliable, efficient and perfect for any job, big or small.

Portable Led Light Tower — Equipment Hire in Rockhampton, QLD
Red Portable Lighting Equipment For Construction — Equipment Hire in Rockhampton, QLD

Models Available for Hire

V20 Hyper Lighting Tower
Experience the best in lighting solutions with the V20 Hyper Lighting Tower. Featuring four powerful floodlights with low sound pressure levels, this tower will keep your worksites illuminated for up to 140 hours. Its Hyper® LED Technology enables 360° illumination with anti-glare features.

CUBE Hyper Light Tower
The CUBE Hyper Light Tower offers the perfect all-in-one lighting solution for construction, mining and industrial sites. Its 360° lighting capabilities make it easy to illuminate even the darkest of sites with ease.

Alternate Lighting Tower
The Prolight Tower is one of the most versatile and easily transportable lighting solutions available. Its hydraulic lift operation and platform stabilisers allow it to be set up in minutes, making it ideal for use on construction sites or outdoor events. With its large fuel tank and bright illumination, you’ll have plenty of light throughout the night.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! Most light tower rental companies have options for short-term hire including daily and weekly rates. That way, you can get the lighting you need for your event without having to worry about long-term costs. Just check with the company you’re considering to find out their terms and conditions. They should be able to give you an accurate cost estimate based on your specific needs.

Typically, you’ll want to allow at least 5m of space around the light tower. This will give you enough room to move around and ensure you’re not obstructing any lighting beams. If your event is taking place in a smaller area, you may need to adjust the number of light towers or reduce their wattage. Check with your rental company for advice on how to best use the light towers for your space.

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