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Chaffey Power is your go-to for generator hire in Townsville. We offer a safe and reliable range of electric, gas and diesel generators and accessories (including single-phase and three-phase options), as well as standard outlets and power boards.

We’ll deliver your chosen generator ASAP, install it on-site, mobilise it when needed and take care of fuelling and refuelling. Plus, we handle all emergency repairs quickly if something goes wrong. Our team serves commercial, industrial and council clients across Townsville and beyond—from the laidback beachside town of Bowen to the adventure-filled national park of Cardwell.

Let Chaffey Power power your project—contact our team today for a free quote.

Leading Generator Brands

At Chaffey Power, we provide generators from leading brands to ensure you never have to worry about power failure at your Townsville business. Whether you need a generator to power your entire facility or provide backup support during peak times, we have the perfect solution for you. Our generators are designed to support your power requirements in a variety of sizes and capacities.

We source our generators from top brands such as Gentech, Cummins, Olympian, mtu, Kohler, HIMOINSA and Kubota. Our generators are trusted by businesses in the mining, construction and telecommunications industries, which all rely on a stable source of power to conduct their daily operations.

If you need reliable power for your business operations in Townsville, give Chaffey Power a call on (07) 4959 5736. We’ll be more than happy to answer any questions or help you choose the right generator to meet your needs.

Large Backup Generator — Equipment Hire in Townsville, QLD
Yellow Auxiliary Diesel Generator — Equipment Hire in Townsville, QLD

24/7 Emergency Generator Hire Townsville

If you’re in Townsville and dealing with a power emergency, don’t worry—Chaffey Power can help. We offer 24/7 generator hire for emergencies, so whether your system fails suddenly at 4 am or 6 pm, we’ve got your back. Our generators provide reliable power to keep your business going when the unexpected happens. Plus, our experienced technicians are on-call at all times to make sure your generator is set up properly and running smoothly. Don’t let a power failure stop you from doing business—choose Chaffey Power for 24/7 emergency generator hire in Townsville!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The size and type of generator you need will depend on the type and amount of power you require. For example, if you need to run several large industrial machines, a three-phase generator is likely the best choice. If you are looking to power household appliances or one motor, then a single-phase generator should suffice. It’s important to consider your power requirements before selecting a generator.

In most cases, no qualifications or certifications are needed to use a hired generator. However, it’s best to check with the hire company prior to operating any generator just to be sure. Additionally, if you are using a generator in a public space, then you may need additional licensing or permits.

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