Hiring A Generator? Here Are 7 Factors You Should Consider

Are you in the market for a generator but feeling a tad overwhelmed? We’ve got your back! Before you dive into the vast world of generator rentals, we’ll help you navigate through seven critical factors. You’ll be a generator guru in no time and your event, construction site or emergency backup will run like clockwork.

Table of Contents

1. Know Your Power: Calculate Your Wattage

Before you can choose a generator, you’ll need to determine how much power is required. To do so, list all your appliances and equipment, check their power ratings and add them up. Remember, some devices need a little extra juice when starting, so take note of both running and starting wattages.

2. Types Of Generators: Know Your Players

Different generators are suited for different situations, so let’s get acquainted with the main contenders.

Portable Generators: The Jack Of All Trades

Small, lightweight and easy to move around, these generators are perfect for temporary power needs or smaller events.

Industrial Generators: The Heavyweights

These powerhouses are designed to keep large construction sites, major events or businesses going during emergencies.

Inverter Generators: The Tech Gurus

Clean, stable power is their specialty, making them ideal for delicate electronics like computers or medical equipment.

3. Fuel Type: Choose Your Champion

Generators run on petrol, diesel or gas and each has its pros and cons. Diesel generators are fuel-efficient, while petrol generators are easier on the wallet and simpler to maintain. Gas generators are the eco-friendly option but may be harder to find in some areas.

4. Rental Duration & Pricing: Play Your Cards Right

Different rental companies offer different pricing plans, so don’t be afraid to shop around. Some offer discounts for long-term rentals, while others have affordable rates for short-term needs. Pick the best deal that suits your needs.

5. Noise Levels: Keep It Down!

Nobody likes a noisy neighbour, so keep an eye on the decibel ratings of potential generators. Inverter generators are generally quieter but be sure to comply with any local noise regulations.

6. Reputation & Reliability: Do Your Homework

When choosing a generator rental provider, it’s essential to pick a company with a sterling reputation and proven reliability. Look for customer reviews, ask for references and remember that reputable providers like Chaffey Power will go the extra mile to ensure you get the best generator and expert advice.

7. Maintenance & Support: The Cherry On Top

Great providers don’t just rent generators; they offer ongoing support and maintenance to ensure everything runs smoothly. After all, who doesn’t appreciate a helping hand?

And there you have it; keep these factors in mind when hiring a generator and you’ll be ready to tackle any situation with confidence. For a hassle-free generator rental experience, reach out to the experts at Chaffey Power. We’ll have you powered up in no time!